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Summary: Getting the most out of your conference visits

Are you planning to visit a conference in the near future? Scott Berkun and many other authors write about how to get the most out of your visit. Here I am summarizing the key insights.
First, and most important: Think about your priorities!
Many participants have come a long way and this conference provides the means to meet and talk to them in person. So you should use this power wisely.

Perception of Supply Risk

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Managerial Perceptions of Supply Risk

One of the most published supply risk researchers is George A. Zsidisin. In his 2003 article he describes the characteristics of inbound supply that affect the perception of risk.

Disruption-Management Strategies for Short Life-Cycle Products

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Disruption-management strategies for short life-cycle products

In his 2009 paper Brian Tomlin analyzes strategies to mitigate disruption risks in a three echelon supply chain.


Focus in his research is a single company, with its suppliers and customers. The objective is to maximize expected utility, while demand and supply are uncertain. There are two products available which can be used as substitutes. The time horizon for the decision maker is one season where the products can be sold.