Guest Blogging

Guest bloggers are welcome to the SCRM Blog, just contact me if you want to know more.

Sometimes I am approached by potential guest bloggers and this is meant to be used as a first stop for all those of you interested in writing on SCRM Blog.
Of course a great way to gain visibility for oneself or a company is to become a guest blogger in a respectable and popular blog.

The goal is a win-win situation. I am always looking for valuable content for my readers and the guest blogger is interested in making oneself known to the audience on the blog.
So, the answer I give is always similar: Yes, but…

  1. Read and understand the blog: What is this site about and what kind of article would appeal to the audience?
  2. Style: The style of the articles should be similar to those already posted. In length, type of content and structure.
  3. Write an email: Contact me first and present your idea for the article including a short summary (about 100 words).
  4. Additional Info: Please provide credentials, where I could read more about you and your work. Or send work samples.