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Facts about the Supply Chain Risk Management Blog. Read how to find out more about supply chain risks.
Supply chain risk

Supply chain risks are a part of everyday life. Shorter disruptions to supply, production and distribution systems happen on a regular basis.
On the other hand longer disruptions become more frequent, especially due to the high interconnectedness of global supply chains.

Supply chain risk management

Risk Management can be defined as the all processes within an enterprise to identify and evaluate risks that pose a threat to the goals of the organization. On top of this analysis strategies for mitigation of those risks are developed. As an extension to this definition you could include opportunities as well, leading to a combined risk and opportunity management.

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) on the other hand adds “the identification and management of risks for the supply chain, through a co-ordinated approach amongst supply chain members, to reduce supply chain vulnerability as a whole.” (Jüttner et al., 2003)

This means that SCRM not only includes risk management for logistics and the supply chain (eg. risk assessment of different shipping routes, acquire credit ratings for customers), but also requires a coordination of risk management activities throughout the supply chain, including all relevant stakeholders.

This enables us to look at a whole system (ie. the supply chain) instead of its individual components. The result is that a) risk assessment and evaluation activities are much more holistic and complete, b) risk mitigation activities usually include several participants of the supply chain, leading to a optimal solution for the whole system and c) the complexity of the coordination necessary has to be acknowledged.

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The SCRM Blog deals with these risks from a scientific perspective. For this end I review and present applicable research which came in the form of books and scientific articles. Sometimes this research is theoretical in nature (e.g. a new model to optimize the design of a supply chain) and sometimes the articles cover new developments in business and the best in class strategies to mitigate risks.

The goal is to create a comprehensive source, which touches a diverse range of topics in supply chain risk management and therefore delivers a summary of the current state of business and scientific knowledge.


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