About the Author

You want to know more about the author of this blog? This is the place.

My name is Daniel Dumke. At the moment I am research student at the University of Technology (TU) in Hamburg (Germany). My major research interest is in the risk management aspects of strategic supply chain design.

I am using this blog as my prime location for thoughts about supply chain risk management and to foster exchange between researchers and business on this topic. Therefore the focus will be

  1. on research (eg. summaries of research papers in Supply Chain Management),
  2. news (eg. upcoming conferences) and
  3. sometimes a status update on my thesis.

My contributions can also be found on pages like the Kinaxis Supply Chain Expert Community and Research Blogging.

Daniel Dumke (Author)

Picture of Daniel Dumke, he is the founder and lead author of the SCRM Blog on Supply Chain Risk Management.
For four years I have been working for an international management consultancy located in Zurich, Switzerland in the Financial Management Group.
Selected projects include:

  • Cash Flow Steering
    Development and implementation of an advanced Cash Flow calculation, forecast and reporting tool for a global Telco company
  • Program Management
    Implementation of a full scope IT Security program, containing multiple projects
  • Risk Management
    Development of a risk management framework; business and process risk analysis, development of risk mitigation strategies

Before that I have been studying Business Administration at the University of Mannheim, Germany and the City University of Hong Kong, China, majoring in Supply Chain Management, Banking and Finance and International Management. I graduated with the German Diploma (Masters equivalent).


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Hedging bei Ungewissheit (engl.: Hedging under Uncertainty). Master thesis, Mannheim University, 2006.