This Week in Supply Chain Management (20 / 2011)

This was week 20 in 2011, enjoy your weekend!

Holidays in Africa

Summary: Getting the most out of your conference visits

Are you planning to visit a conference in the near future? Scott Berkun and many other authors write about how to get the most out of your visit. Here I am summarizing the key insights.
First, and most important: Think about your priorities!
Many participants have come a long way and this conference provides the means to meet and talk to them in person. So you should use this power wisely.

iPad for the Researcher

I just read an nice article evaluating the pros and cons (mostly pros) for using an Apple iPad as a tool for researchers.

See yourself: iPad Review: 60 days and 6 reasons why you need it

Fun with Science

If you are like me working or even enjoying your holidays, here is some fun stuff for distraction.

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