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Conceptual and Analytical Framework for SCRM

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A conceptual and analytical framework for the management of risk in supply chains

A supply chain risk management framework should help to define the cornerstones of risk related supply chain problems and give hints on how to take actions to mitigate impending disruptions.

Today’s full paper has been published in 2004 and in it the authors (Gaonkar and Viswanadham) deal with this problem.

Core definitions

At the core of their framework the authors define the risk/supply chain related terms.

First, risks can be seen from an organizational-, supply chain- or industry-level.

Exception Handling for Robust Supply Chain Design

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Robust Supply Chain Design: a Strategic Approach for Exception Handling

This article considers the design of robust supply chains from the viewpoint of exception handling. Disruptions of the supply chain happen all the time. Smaller disruptions like quality issues are part of the daily business; but a look at the recent ten years shows that large disruptions, happen more often as well (think of terrorist attacks or earthquakes). “Thus, exception management is an important issue in global supply chain networks.”

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