All about blogs - This Week in Supply Chain Management (35 / 2011)

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This week is all about blogs, since I found some great articles there. I purposefully left out the news on Irene since I am sure you already had enough of it this week. But, you should definitely see Irene from the International Space Station, from above things seem very calm.

  • Bob from @Risk found an whitepaper by PwC on how to identify and prevent supply chain risks, it’s free to download but of course might be biased towards the PwC consulting repertoire. (@Risk)
  • Ken reviews a new opportunity for distraction: The blog by Charley Newnham Gold or Dust? on Organizational Resilience, have a look. (Contemplating)
  • The Gateway is a series by CNN on the logistics that keep the world rolling. (
  • Eric Savitz from Forbes has a good article on investment vs. saving money in times of disruptions and he identifies supply chain cooperations as a good investment target. (Forbes)
  • The other Bob from Supply Chain Matters summarized the news from this week in tech from a supply chain point of view, so I will refrain from repeating it here. (Supply Chain Matters)

Also have a look at my articles from this week:

  • Monday I had a look at the bullwhip effect and how the shifting paradigms in supply chain management (like Just-in-Time, …) consequently reduced the effects of it.
  • And on Wednesday I had a look at a new way of thinking about reducing the effects of disruptions: Time-Based Risk Management.

I hope you have a nice weekend!

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