Automation and Amazon Prime - This Week in Supply Chain Management (35 / 2012)

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Finally, the dissertation is complete. Last week I finished working on the comments and handed in the final work. The process now consists of three more steps that can take another three to four month: First, I have to do a (really) short presentation of my thesis topic. Second, I have to wait for two written evaluations by two professors of the university. Last, I have to defend my thesis, hopefully some time around December.

This week was again slow on new good articles. Since this did happen before I decided to change this format to a bi-weekly pattern. I hope this helps to keep the quality of the linked articles up.

Already tweeted

This week on twitter there was a lot of buzz about an article called Can Automation Reduce Supply Chain Risk? Interesting question, but after skimming over it I decided not to join the hype.

The article does summarize a study by the EEF, which I wrote about two weeks ago (here).
Of course, there is nothing wrong with writing about old stuff. I do it all the time, as long as the topic might still be relevant.

But the problem is: the article called “Can Automation Reduce Supply Chain Risk?” does simply not answer the question posed… Beside the title there is not a single mention of the word automation in the rest of the article.

But still there were some interesting articles I already tweeted about this week:

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