Cloud Logistics - This Week in Supply Chain Management (17 / 2012)

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Just to let you know, I changed the licensing for the articles of this blog:
The new license simplifies the usage of parts of my work: Now my contributions can be used as long as:

  • You refer to me as the original author.
  • You do not use the work for commercial purposes.
  • You use the same or a similar license to redistribute the content which builds on my work.

All the details can be found here.

This weekend is going to be great. I finally get the chance to conquer Scandinavia. My wife and I are doing a bicycle tour to Copenhagen. Just three days and 250 km, but the scenery is said to be amazing and the weather should be stable.
But don’t worry: Since I always select my accommodations according to the availability of internet access, I will still be able to publish an article on Monday.

Now let’s see what I read this week:

  • Some of my fellow colleagues at the research institute say that Cloud Logistics is the new hot topic. Here are some thoughts on the topic how cloud services can help reduce supply chain risks. (Article has been removed)
  • I found this new article on Sciencedirect related to supply chain design: “Robust possibilistic programming for socially responsible supply chain network design: A new approach”. The paper touches some new topics by combining aspects of uncertainty and social responsibility. (Sciencedirect)
  • RIMS just announced a webinar on “Strategic Implications of Data Risks: Exploring the intersection of privilege, protection and preparedness”. The seminar is USD 30 for non-members and will be held on May 15, 2012. (RIMS)

I hope you enjoy your weekend!


Could you please correct link to the Cloud Logistics article?

The cloud-article has been removed and replaced by a redirection. I'll make an update here in the comments, if the article is reposted.


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