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Today is the first anniversary of this blog so I wanted to take the time for some review of the insights I gained during this time.

History / Statistics

Exactly one year ago I started this blog, with the goal to publish interesting results from research and to foster an open exchange between research and business. Furthermore I wanted to generate an continuous output to monitor my own progress during my research and keep a public log of selected articles.

Within the last seven month my research made some headway as well, I nearly finished my in-depth interviews with supply chain professionals from all over the world, to get an overview of the state of the art in business. Furthermore I started building my supply chain model using an agent based simulation framework.

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Up to now the blog has far exceeded my expectations. 76 articles have been published, for about 1.5 articles per week and at the moment about 1200 readers from all over the world visit the blog each month, with heavy users in the US, UK, India and Germany (see figure). Most of the contacts I met for my research have been acquired through this blog and I received some inquiries for co-publications as well.


I am going to continue my research, the focus will be on the analysis and evaluation of the conducted interviews, especially comparing them with the previous works in literature and the results from my own model.
For the blog I plan on increasing the article count even further, focussing on the same topics: supply chain strategy, design, and its risks.
In the last few weeks I already made some improvements to the site itself, like the “Categories” plugin on the right sidebar or listing the “Top 5 Entries”, to make navigation easier. And I am also working on showing articles by the same authors that I reviewed.

I am always keen on knowing more about what you think. So contact me if you have suggestions for subjects I should cover, articles to review, or improvements to the site and content.
Let me know what you think!

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