Information Overflow - This Week in Supply Chain Management (20 / 2012)

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This week was filled with preparations for our summer vacation. This year we are going to Norway. We will start start in Bergen on the west coast and for the first week stay in a small vacation home nearby Sand directly at the Fjord. Later on we will drive to Oslo (east coast) passing Hardangervidda National Park. On our way back we will use a more northern route, but that’s still in planning.

This week I found three really nice articles for you to read. Have a look!

  • The resource-based view supports the notion that a company can generate competitive advantages from the resources it controls. Andreas Wieland points to an article which discusses the question if a supply chain can be viewed as a company’s asset as well. (SCM Research)
  • Enterra Insights talks about the obstacles to thorough supply chain risk analyses. Despite the growing need for a more rigorous risk management approach many companies get overwhelmed by the complexities involved. (Enterra Insights)
  • Infosys put a short presentation online, covering the basic risk concepts included in their SCRM Product Suite. (Infosys)

Enjoy your weekend!

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