New Ways - This Week in Supply Chain Management (18 / 2012)

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So, yet another week gone by. Taking advantage of labor day on Tuesday my wife and did a bicycle tour to Copenhagen and had a great time on the trip and in the city. Have a look at the pictures if you like to see some shots of the city.

Copenhagen: Churchhill Park Churchhill Park Copenhagen: Kastellet Kastellet Copenhagen: View to the Baltic Sea View to the Baltic Sea

Back to business. These are my favorite articles related to supply chain management of this week.

  • The Financial Post asks: “Does Asia really need to be part of your supply chain strategy?”. Supply chain professor David Simchi-Levi discusses some of the drawbacks of far-away manufacturing and the potential shift towards a more local approach. The article is based on another article published in the MIT Sloan Management Review. (Financial Post)
  • Zurich Financial highlights some details of an earlier study on supply chain risks focussed on Australian companies. (Zurich Australia)

Enjoy your weekend!


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