Solar Flares and ISCRiM Newsletter - This Week in Supply Chain Management (32 / 2011)

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I am happy to be back in Germany and I was able to avoid the announced strike of the German air traffic controllers. Which would have had implications not only for passenger services within Europe, but also could have disrupted shipments.
Let’s have a look at some of the articles I read this week:

  • IB Times has a short news cast on the effects of solar flares. As you know we are currently in a high activity phase of the solar eleven year cycle. Even though there is no direct danger to humans, solar flares can affect radio communications including satellite- and earth-based. (IB Times)
  • The Business Insurance site has a nice article on current trends for insurance against business and supply chain disruptions. (Business Insurance)
  • Don’t forget to have a look at the new ISCRiM newsletter (here) and a short summary from Jan Husdal, but if you are interested in SCRM research I really recommend you download the whole (11 page) newsletter (
Education & Research
  • ChainLink just announced a series of Webinars on the topic of risk management. The first one is on “Managing Risk: Lessons Learned from Global Manufacturers”. (ChainLink)
  • SDC Exec published a white paper this week on “A Risk-Based Remedy For Pharma Supply Chain Security Concerns”. You can download it here: (SDC Execs)

If you haven’t had the chance to read the articles on this blog for the last week, have a look:

Have a nice weekend!

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