Special Issue and Toyota Recovery - This Week in Supply Chain Management (36 / 2011)

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As every Friday I compiled the some of the most interesting stories of this week. I hope you enjoy reading them.

  • Yet another, nonetheless interesting comment on the problems after the Japanese earthquake in March. (SC Movement)
  • The (sometimes false) causes of resilience are analyzed by Ken Simpson on his blog. (Contemplating)
  • Even though I am not a fan of insurance base risk management there is a nice article at Business Insurance, concluding that it might not be the best idea. (Business Insurance)
  • Over at SAP there is a short article on the implications of Evolution Theory on Supply Chain Risks. (SAP)
  • The Transportation Research journal just published a special issue on supply chain disruption and risk management. (ScienceDirect)

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I wish you a nice weekend!

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