This Week in Supply Chain Management (18 / 2011)

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This was week 18 in 2011. I hope you had a great week and enjoyed reading the blog. I have read several great stories this week, that I’ll present here.

  • The opinions on the duration of the Japanese disruption diverge, scenarios include autumn (Japan Today) or for some companies longer (Electronics Weekly)
  • For the US: The FDA gained more rights to prevent unsafe goods from entering the food supply chain (Medical News Today)
  • On Jan Husdal’s blog this week was all about resilience (Jan Husdal: 1, 2)
  • Forbes Blogs has an article on how to avoid the worst effects of disasters on supply chains (CIO Central)
Research / Studies
  • Yossi Sheffi from the MIT elaborates on the SCALE program to “cultivate supply chain experts” (MIT News)
  • Anna Nagurney writes about her research concerning the effects of supply chain risk on mergers and acquisitions (Dr. Anna Nagurney)

If you haven’t read the articles in my blog have a look at the Current Evolution of Supply Chain Management and how fuzzy logic can be used in supply chain management (research).


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