This Week in Supply Chain Management (22 / 2011)

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This week went by very fast and it actually did since I am using my extended weekend on a biking trip on the Baltic Coast Cycle Route. I am a little bit hampered having only my iPad with me, so the news are shorter than ever. Nevertheless, this was week 22 in 2011.

  • Bloomberg reports on a positive implication of disruptions: Global Supply Chain Repairs May Boost Investment Driving Growth
  • Gartner announced its supply chain Ranking for 2011. Top 3 is Apple, Dell, and P&G (4 Traders)
  • And of course: The vegetables supply chain is under heavy stress at the moment in Germany after an outbreak of an EHEC bacterium. The resulting demand disruption hurts the whole chain (Spiegel)
  • Supply chain graphics of the week: How to align the velocity of a disruption with probability and impact (SC Digest)
  • Jan Husdal writes about a study on how 3PL providers are selected in different countries (Jan Husdal)
  • Does it take a perfect system or a strong leader to successfully steer through a disruption? (Knowledge@W.P. Carey)

I already mentioned the videos by Richard Wilding (Professor at Cranfield University in the UK) more than a year ago, but I stumbled upon one of his old supply chain podcast episodes this week so I wanted to mention it here: Richard Wilding on Supply Chain Strategies, if you like what you see here is a listing of all his vodcast episodes.

Also have a look at the literature reviews I did this week:

Enjoy your weekend!


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