This Week in Supply Chain Management (23 / 2011)

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Yet another week passed by and I still try to get the last bits out of it.

But first, what was new this week?

  • The Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovations (MISI) hosts its first supply chain conference in July near Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), speakers include Yossi Sheffi. Sustainable supply chains and emerging market supply chains will be the topics there. There is no registration fee. Also have a look here at this years full listing of supply chain conferences. (MISI)
  • This week Jan Husdal wrote about the 3rd Supply Chain Risk Management Seminar which will be held in October in Barcelona (Spain) and the Impacts of Product Design Changes on Supply Chain Risk. (1, 2)
  • Trevor Miles share his first thoughts from the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference and elaborates on some sessions. (Trevor Miles)
  • The Supply Chain Management Review has an article on Managing Risks in the Global Supply Chain. Dr. J. Paul Dittmann highlights some basic concepts. (SCMR)
  • The CSCO (Chief Supply Chain Officer) is becoming more common in companies today. If you are interested on learning more: The Supply Chain Management Review just posted a whitepaper online (The Chief Supply Chain Officer Report 2011), which tries to understand the current positioning of the supply chains within the companies (SCMR).

If you were wondering why I did not report on the hot topic of the week in the blogs: I already linked to the Gartner Supply Chain Ranking 2011 last week.

Also have a look at the literature reviews I did this week:

Let me know if I missed anything. Enjoy your weekend!


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