Supply Chain Design - Robust Planning with differentiated Supplier Selection

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This is the third contribution to my series on doctoral dissertations on Supply Chain Risk Management. An immense effort and dedication is spent on these works only to find the results hidden in the libraries. So the goal is raise interest in the research of my peers.

Author / Topic

This dissertation was written by Stephanie Freiwald in 2005 as her doctoral thesis at the University of Bochum. It was published by Peter Lang, Frankfurt a.M. and can be ordered here from amazon.deor your local library. The title can be translated as:

Supply Chain Design – Robust Planning with differentiated Supplier Selection


In her work Freiwald builds a mathematical model of a four echelon supply chain (supplier, producer, distributor / inventory, customer) starting with a literature review of existing models. Building up from there she first adds variables to include sophisticated criteria for the supplier selection extending the traditional price-only selection.

Robustness can be oriented towards the models optimality, reliability, result-robustness and goal robustness. So as the next step the author set the goal to include robustness to uncertainty and unsettled preferences of the decision maker to the model.

As a final step the author applies her model to an industrial case, with the goal to find optimal, robust solutions for an Supply Chain Design problem.


Stephanie Freiwald’s work stands apart in including multiple aspects of the supply chain design problem into one concise model for optimization without neglecting the implementation of such a “theoretical” model.


Stephanie Freiwald (2005). Supply Chain Design – Robuste Planung mit differenzierter Auswahl der Zulieferer Peter Lang, Frankfurt a.M., Dissertation

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