Flooding and iPhone - This Week in Supply Chain Management (36+37 / 2012)

Let’s see if this new-biweekly publication pattern pays off. I think at lease the last two weeks produced some very interesting articles.

Resilient and Sustainable Systems

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Designing Resilient, Sustainable Systems

In today’s post I would like to highlight how the concepts of resilience and sustainability can be aligned.
Resilience is often interpreted as a property of a supply chain most often associated in a risk management sense; sustainability on the other hand, usually refers more to social and environmental goal orientation. So how can these concepts be aligned?

Managing Supplier Sustainability Risks

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Managing supplier sustainability risks in a dynamically changing environment—Sustainable supplier management in the chemical industry

For many years sustainability risks have been largely neglected. Reputational damages caused by incidents like the Brent Spar platform can reach tens of millions of dollars. But in a supply chain context companies are not only held responsible for their own actions but also for the actions of their suppliers.

In their 2010 paper Foerstl et al. analyze supplier sustainability risk and develop and test a framework for its mitigation.

Supply Chain Risk Webinar

I stumbled upon a Webinar which touches the topic of Supply Chain Risks, in this case: “Removing the Risks and Profiting from a Sustainable Supply Chain“.
It will be conducted by a small consulting firm (SD&S, Main Speaker is Jos Darmanata). Here are the facts:

  • Date: Thursday, 16th December 2010
  • Time: 14:15 GMT
  • Topics include
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