Flooding and iPhone - This Week in Supply Chain Management (36+37 / 2012)

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Let’s see if this new-biweekly publication pattern pays off. I think at lease the last two weeks produced some very interesting articles.

  • Just last week the new iPhone 5 has been announced. If you want to read a little bit more about the supply chain implications of its ultrafast global rollout, have a look at “Apple’s real iPhone 5 ace: Its supply chain” at ZDNet. (ZDNet)
  • Contemplating the effects of the hottest US summer in memory, The Guardian writes about the necessity to think beyond the supply chain when building a sustainable business. (Guardian)
  • Swiss Re claims that the losses related to floods now come close to those caused by earthquakes. “The $12 billion insured losses in Thailand really highlighted the potential for flood to cause extreme losses,” he says. “The insured losses corresponded to 1,800 percent of the country’s total annual property premium”. (Insurance Networking)
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