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Design of Agile Supply Chains

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An integrated model for the design of agile supply chains

I already reviewed two other articles about agile supply chains. One on the role of distribution centers in supply chains and one on the migration from lean to agile supply chains.

Supply Chain Performance and its Topological Features

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An exploratory study of the relation between supply chain topological features and supply chain performance

Perhaps this research by Pero et al. can support small and medium sized companies with the design and redesign of its supply chain network.
The goal of the study was to analyze the connection between topological features of the supply chain and the resulting supply chain performance.

Risks in Supply Chains for Small and Medium Sized Companies

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Prioritization of Risks in Supply Chains

Large Cooperations often employ staff for supply chain planning and sometimes additional staff for supply chain risk management.

Small / medium enterprises usually have more limited resources and therefore have to focus more. For this reason M.N. Faisal developed a prioritization of supply chain risks.

Effective Demand Forecasting and Improvements Strategies for Supply Chain Planning

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Effective forecasting and judgmental adjustments: an empirical evaluation and strategies for improvement in supply-chain planning

The article reviewed here takes a look at typical biases in supply chain demand planning and how to avoid it. This work could prove very valuable for many companies who rely on manually adjusted forecasts.
Usually the forecasting process uses two steps:
1) statistical forecast by the forecasting system
2) manual adjustment to include additional effects (eg. additional analysis of demand pattern not included in step 1)

AMR announces Supply Chain Ranking 2010

Gartner just announced the 2010 Supply Chain ranking conducted by AMR Research.
The ranking consists of the 25 companies with the best-ranked Supply Chains.


This years Top 5 (extract):

  1. Apple
  2. Procter & Gamble
  3. Cisco Systems
  4. Wal-Mart Stores
  5. Dell

iPad for the Researcher

I just read an nice article evaluating the pros and cons (mostly pros) for using an Apple iPad as a tool for researchers.

See yourself: iPad Review: 60 days and 6 reasons why you need it