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Retrospective 2011 and Happy Holidays

The number of daily visitor slowly declines, even the comment spam goes down. It seems that (at least for some parts of the world) the “quiet” time of the year has begun.
And for me this is a great moment to look back. The same time last year I just celebrated my first blog anniversary!

Dual Supply Channel Disruption and Supply Chain Design

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Optimal newsvendor policies for dual-sourcing supply chains: A disruption risk management framework

This is the continuation of the Greece week and today I am going to have a look at a mathematical model to capture the effects of dual disruptions in a news-vendor model.

This time the three authors (Xanthopoulos, Vlachos and Iakovou) come from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Predictions - This Week in Supply Chain Management (50 / 2011)

Week 50 in 2011 is nearly over. And in the spirit of the season also the news level seems to go down.
For the last weeks and month I use my spare time to create a new web site design to improve the readability and accessibility of the content on this page. But, I am sure you like surprises so I will not spoil it for you… Should be ready some time in January!

Supply Chain Conferences 2012

Just another year comes to an end and so it is high time to aggregate the upcoming conferences on supply chain management and related topics in 2012.

The goal is to have a comprehensive overview of the most instructive and useful conferences of the year.

If you have any additions, just let me know in the comments section of this article. Also, you can recommend one of the conferences or the other from your personal experience.

Optimal Design of Supply Chain Networks with uncertain Demand

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Optimal design of supply chain networks under uncertain transient demand variations

This week is dedicated to the works on supply chain management from Greek supply chain researchers. Today’s article has been published in the Journal of Management Sciences (Omega) by four researchers from northern Greece and the UK.

China Risks - This Week in Supply Chain Management (49 / 2011)

This week seems more quiet than usual. Still there were some nice articles.