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Supply Chain Risk Management for SMEs in Automotive SCs

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Natural hedging as a risk prophylaxis and supplier financing instrument in automotive supply chains

When it comes to supply chain management some positions within the network have better chances of fighting supply chain risks, due to structural and negotiating-power-related issues.

In this case the focus is on a supplier of a automotive OEM. Natural hedging, as defined below, is the core strategy analyzed in this study.

Natural hedging

The author utilizes a literature review to found his conceptual approach.

Cloud Logistics - This Week in Supply Chain Management (17 / 2012)

Just to let you know, I changed the licensing for the articles of this blog:
The new license simplifies the usage of parts of my work: Now my contributions can be used as long as:

  • You refer to me as the original author.
  • You do not use the work for commercial purposes.
  • You use the same or a similar license to redistribute the content which builds on my work.

All the details can be found here.

Solution to Strategic Supply Chain Mapping

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Solutions to strategic supply chain mapping issues

I just realized that my favorite book on crafting diagrams to better communicate in a graphical way (Envisioning Information) j

Risk Software and Segmentation - This Week in Supply Chain Management (16 / 2012)

This item is already from 2009, but still very funny: Eric Cartman from South Park singing Poker Face (originally by Lady GaGa). And this is my way to end week 16 of 2012.
For me, this week was about consolidation of my certificates and credentials to prepare my curriculum vitae and other documents for my upcoming application phase.

Optimizing Efficiency-Robustness Trade-Offs in SC-Design

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Optimizing efficiency-robustness trade-offs in supply chain design under uncertainty due to disruptions

Efficiency is about trade-offs. Effectiveness is about achieving a goal, making it happen no matter what.
But in reality resources are scarce and efficiently reaching a goal is nearly as important as reaching it at all.

Resilience or Lean SCM - This Week in Supply Chain Management (15 / 2012)

Finally I was able to hand in my dissertation to my professor. I hope to get his feedback soon.
This week I found several interesting articles, just pick those you find useful.