Battery Risks - This Week in Supply Chain Management (13 / 2012)

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This week I finally finished the first complete version of my dissertation. All graphs and tables now are now built using the same template and I finally decided on the final typeface: For the main texts it’s Gyre Bonum which is built on the Bookman typeface) and for the headlines I choose Bera Serif a nice slab serif font.
Font selection is a really hard process and after reading so much I could probably write a long article about it, but I am looking forward seeing the results in print! If you happen to know a good publisher willing to print it, I am still open for suggestions.

Looks are not everything of course so I am looking forward to my first full-content feedback by our post-doc next week and if everything goes well I will be handing in the first copy for comments to my professor after the easter holidays.

Now let’s get back to business.

  • Enterra Insights discusses the use of information for risk reduction in a broad context, referencing also one of my articles on knowledge-based supply chain risk management (Enterra Insights)
  • Supply Chain Quarterly links to a white paper on “Collaborative Outsourcing: Preparing for a Successful Logistics Outsource” (C.H. Robinson)
  • This article at the National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries (NAATBat) talks about the implications of supply and demand disruptions of the battery supply chain (NAATBat)
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