Conferences 2010 in Numbers

Rating of news Items

Overall there will be nine major conferences in 2010 with a Call for Papers. So I did a analysis of the topics mentioned there, I did not include general conference slogans.

On average every Call for Papers includes 17,7 topics, ranging from 11 (CSCMP Europe 2010) up to 32 (8th International Heinz Nixdorf Symposium).After aggregation of those 159 topics into 26 themes, it results in the following ranking.

The top 10 conference themes 2010
Innovation in Supply Chain Management11%This is a major topic in several conferences e.g. HICL 2010
Strategy and Supply Chain Design9% 
Green and Sustainable SCs8% 
Supply Chain Risks6%Six of nine conferences relate to Supply Chain Risk Management (CSCMP EU, EurOMA, ISL do not include this topic)
IT and SCM6% 
Logistics5%Including internal and external, inbound and outbound logistics
Global Supply Chains5%Global Supply Chains and the effects of globalisation on SCM
SC Performance4% 
Human Ressources4%…and the impact of human behavior on SCM

I think it is noteworthy that topics concerning quality issues only account for 1% of the total topics, lean and inventory management approaches account for 2 respectively 1%.

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