Apple's Risk Management - This Week in Supply Chain Management (29 / 2012)

This week there is one article and one conference I would like point out.

Case Study and Conference - This Week in Supply Chain Management (14 / 2012)

This week I received my first full-version feedback on my PhD-thesis. A big thanks to my reviewer! Luckily I do not have too many adjustments to make, so I will use time during the easter holidays to commit the changes. I hope to be done by Tuesday, and I already got an appointment with my Professor on Wednesday, to officially hand over the dissertation.

Supply Chain Conferences 2012

Just another year comes to an end and so it is high time to aggregate the upcoming conferences on supply chain management and related topics in 2012.

The goal is to have a comprehensive overview of the most instructive and useful conferences of the year.

If you have any additions, just let me know in the comments section of this article. Also, you can recommend one of the conferences or the other from your personal experience.

Rebound and Conferences - This Week in Supply Chain Management (26 / 2011)

Welcome back to my regular TWi SCM post. This was the last week in June, and thus halftime for the year and still plenty of time to achieve the goals for 2011.

Supply Chain Conferences 2011

In preparation for next year I have been busy looking for Supply Chain Conferences. The goal is to have a comprehensive overview of instructive and useful conferences in 2011.

The conferences I selected all have tracks related to Supply Chain Risk Management. In this year’s table I added another column for the Target Audience as either Business, Research or Both.

Final Impressions of the CSCMP Conference 2010

Overall I had a great time in San Diego. The location was great and I meet a lot of interesting people and got new insights for my research. The presentations I visited have been very insightful, but mostly I have been very busy meeting with industry leaders for interviews on Supply Chain Design and Risks.

Supply Chain Risk Management Sessions @CSCMP 2010

Most of the time during the conference I was busy interviewing companies for my dissertation, but I also found time to listen to some of the sessions on SCRM.

CSCMP 2010 conference opening ceremony

The second day has been a great day at the CSCMP conference.
I started with the Opening Ceremony moderated by Rick Blasgen, he and Bob Silverman and Donald Biggs (Learn, Network, Have fun) introduced this years theme (Learn, Lead, Succeed) and the keynote speakers.

Strategic Supply Chain Management @CSCMP 2010

Yesterday I finished the “Strategic Supply Chain Issues” Pre-Conference Workshop “Where Tactical Functionality Meets the Big Picture”. The following key points were intensively discussed:

  • Fundamental SC Strategies: Operational Excelence (eg.

Summary: Getting the most out of your conference visits

Are you planning to visit a conference in the near future? Scott Berkun and many other authors write about how to get the most out of your visit. Here I am summarizing the key insights.
First, and most important: Think about your priorities!
Many participants have come a long way and this conference provides the means to meet and talk to them in person. So you should use this power wisely.


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