Cost of Green SC - This Week in Supply Chain Management (5 / 2012)

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This week I draft-finished my second to last chapter of the dissertation. But I saved the best for last so beginning on Monday I will summarize the key results of my simulation study on disruptions in network design.
I still found the time to browse the web and these are the articles I found interesting this week.

  • On the research front have a look at the article by Andreas. He highlights a new literature review on the different types of methods used. Conclusion: “Particularly, the article confirms my suspicion that there is “shortage of studies conducted on the supply chain as a network of enterprises“. Instead, most research turns out to focus on a single enterprise or on the relationships of a single enterprise with its suppliers or customers”. (SCM Research)
  • Furthermore I discovered this new paper on a related topic: how greening the supply chain design impacts cost and environmental footprint. “The results indicate that in most cases using shared warehouses from Third Party Logistics operators improves both the cost and the environmental performance of a company. In all cases shared use of transportation operations minimizes the amount of CO2 and PM emissions generated, while dedicated use minimizes costs”. (Sciencedirect)
  • Finally, I stumbled upon a blog by Professor Tim Zak of the Carnegie Mellon University, which since 2011 contains contributions by him and several students of his. I for example liked the summary of “IKEA’s intelligent packaging implies LEGO’s bricks”. (CMUSCM Blog)
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Enjoy your weekend!

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