CSCMP conference and Thailand - This Week in Supply Chain Management (41 / 2011)

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I am not a big fan of huge announcements, but some of you already noticed a small change on all pages of this supply chain risk portal: After my wedding in September I took the last name of my wife (Dumke). So just this week I changed all the entries here and adapt a few accounts elsewhere on the internet and now we are up and running again. So right now I use this incident to monitor how fast such changes propagate through the common search engines.
Search engines also helped me finding some of the best articles on the web this week, which I linked below.

  • Big in the news was the Thailand flooding and its impacts on supply chains located there.
    • Supply Chain Digital reports of the struggling automobile supply chain. (Supply Chain Digital)
    • When I visited Thailand in July, I was also made aware of several of the local hard disk manufacturers. MenaFN has a short story on Seagate’s problems with the floods. (MenaFN)
    • Lastly, the Strategic Sourceror summarized two other stories. (Strategic Sourceror)
  • The World Economic Forum blog also takes a look at supply chain risks, which might also be influenced by financial crises of countries around the world. (ForumBlog)
  • How competition can be useful in times of disruptions is discussed in the “Operations Room”. (Operations Room)
CSCMP conference
  • As part of last weeks CSCMP conference in Philadelphia IBM provided some details on its Total Risk Assessment Tool. (SC Digest)
  • Another presentation was about the integration of social media and supply chain management. (Logistics Viewpoints)

If you haven’t done so, also take the time to read my articles for this week.

Enjoy your weekend!

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