Year of Renewal - This Week in Supply Chain Management (1 / 2012)

Welcome to the “Year of Renewal”.
The first week in 2012 is nearly over and I restarted writing on my chapter on supply chain risk management from a practitioner’s perspective. Hopefully finishing by the end of the month.

UK Infrastructure Resilience - This Week in Supply Chain Management (44 / 2011)

Yet another week. I finally handed in the first part of my dissertation thesis, of course just-in-time on the 31st. So right now I prepare the second part, with the results of my exploratory expert interviews on supply chain risk mitigation strategies and insights of a simulation study using agent based simulation.

Flood Disruption - This Week in Supply Chain Management (43 / 2011)

Happy 200!
This is my 200th article on the SCRM Blog.
One of my goals for this year was to build a good foundation on supply chain management for you, the readers, to be able to browse through a collection of great articles on supply chain risk management, and related topics.

CSCMP conference and Thailand - This Week in Supply Chain Management (41 / 2011)

I am not a big fan of huge announcements, but some of you already noticed a small change on all pages of this supply chain risk portal: After my wedding in September I took the last name of my wife (Dumke). So just this week I changed all the entries here and adapt a few accounts elsewhere on the internet and now we are up and running again. So right now I use this incident to monitor how fast such changes propagate through the common search engines.
Search engines also helped me finding some of the best articles on the web this week, which I linked below.

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