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There are two more conferences on Supply Chain Management in 2010.

2nd Supply Chain Risk Management Seminar Barcelona 2010

On April, 14th & 15th in Barcelona.
The standard fee for participants is EUR 1895 (early bird: EUR 1395; students: EUR 895)
The following topics are going addressed:

  • Procurement Tactics for Managing Through Crisis
  • Supply Chain Risk Management: Lessons With the Crisis
  • Supply Chain Risk Management and Mitigation
  • The Ability of a Supplier to Exercise Plans in Place to Protect Their
  • Planning & Forecasting in Volatile Conditions
  • Risk Mitigation Planning & Execution
  • Successfully Dealing With Supply Chain Risk- How do Current Innovators
  • Creating a Truly End-to-End Supply Chain to Minimize Risk
  • Stable Manufacturing and Flexibility for Customers – Maintain robust
  • Managing Risk – Severely Reducing Through Business Continuity Plan or Likelihood Reduction
  • Tackling Increased Variablity in the Supply Chain

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Supply Chain Risk Masters

On May, 3rd to 4th in Berlin, in German
The major topics contain:

  • Early identification of supply chain risks
  • Increase transparency of the supply chain
  • Risk oriented supplier selection
  • Asia – challanges for supply chain risk management
  • Developent of a systematic risk management approach

Selected speakers
  • Karin Degler, Leiterin Lieferantenrisikomanagement, Porsche AG
  • Karl Daumüller, Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard GmbH
  • Peter Iff, Global Sourcing, OC Oerlikon Management AG
  • Klaus-Peter Noest, Risk Management, Magna Automotive Holding AG
  • Manfred Meffert, Consulting Supply Chain Management, IBM Deutschland GmbH
  • Prof. Dr. Uta Jüttner, Luzerne / Cranfield University

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