Resilience Survey and Blogs - This Week in Supply Chain Management (45 / 2011)

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During this week my research took a turn to the quantitative side. During the last month my focus was on the evaluation of the current research, now I finally can do my on supply chain simulations. So this week was all about getting the output format that I want and calibrating the supply chain model. I hope to be finished during the next week and then I can start assessing some supply chain risks.

  • I found this short article on “Plan now for serious hard drive shortages: Tips to reduce risk”, which highlights one possible mid-term impact scenario of the Thailand flooding. (Tech Republic)
  • Bob from @risk summarizes a survey on the prospects of supply chain finance from a banking point of view. (atrisk)
  • Ken has a short article on shifting paradigms in management that makes curious for more on that topic. (Contemplating)
  • @RiskMgmtMonitor made me aware of another weekly roundup of risk management related articles on the web. (Workers’ Comp Insider)
  • RIMS has two upcoming risk management webinars on “Analytical Tools for Effective Risk Professionals” and “Implementing Risk Management Programs from Afar” the later one goes into implementing international risk management at Walt Disney. (RIMS)
  • The AppleInsider published a story on how “Apple leverages deep pockets to gain supply chain edge over rivals”. (Apple Insider)
  • On Supply Chain Brain you find a short summary and a link to a survey by the Business Continuity Institute on “Supply Chain Resilience 2011” with over 500 respondents. (Supply Chain Brain ; survey free of charge)

Also have a look at my related articles from this week:

Enjoy your weekend!

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