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The journals with relevant articles for Supply Chain Risk Management can be very diverse. First one would think about which fields and respective journals are relevant and where can one expect to find articles concerning supply chain risks?

The first thought is of course on Logistics and Supply Chain Management. There is one quite current article about journal ranking: Menachof et al. (2009): “An analysis of the value of supply chain management periodicals” published in the International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management. It is a study based on an survey with more than 100 responses to an online questionnaire.

A citation-based analysis was rejected mainly due to its incompleteness and the tendency to evaluate the impact of the periodical rather than the quality of the articles. Furthermore the authors suggest, that the perception of journals could be changing due to the increasing usage of online resources for publishing.

Overall 87 named papers were included within the survey (others could be named by the participants). Targets for the questions were educators at four-year colleges and universities. The feedback came mainly from anglo-saxon with feedback of only three german speaking countries.

Results were found in three categories: Use of periodicals in research, teaching and outreach.

Interesting is the fact, that more and more high value journals for SCM are from other fields like Marketing (eg. M. Christopher at Cranfield has done some research there) and OM/OR.

For me the research part is most interesting. There the JBL and IJPDLM rank highest in this survey.

The article also examines what search engines are used most for research (EBSCO Host BSP and ProQuest rank highest there), but this also brings me to further resources for journals and journal rankings, since there are further more.

One nice resource I stumbled upon was blog articles tagged eg. on Other sites I found include:

But these are all sources for SCM papers. Nothing what focusses on supply chain risk management.

So what other interesting sources for supply chain risks can there be? Eg. military research is one stream which is not mentioned in the article reviewed above.

The military is especially interested in defending the countries critical infrastructure, one part of it can be some supply chains. Of course there are different goals between military and businesses in the supply chain risk management view, but the methodology employed could be similar.


Menachof, D., Gibson, B., Hanna, J., & Whiteing, A. (2009). An analysis of the value of supply chain management periodicals International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 39 (2), 145-165 DOI: 10.1108/09600030910942403

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