Web Ressources on Supply Chain Management

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I finally received my credentials for the University Intranet so I am now able to start using some databases and get access to more articles online. But there are several other resources about Supply Chain Management online.

Kicking it of isn’t easy. So read what is hot or not at the interorganisational.org, which is a good start to get a first taste. So after some research now I had already found most of the articles in the SCRM section selected there. I missed some I liked very much, like “Perspectives in supply chain risk management” (Tang, 2006)

Just yesterday I stumbled up on husdal.com a great page about Supply Chain Vulnerability with literally hundreds of article reviews on related subjects. I also found one on “Risk in supply networks” (Harland, 2003), which summarizes the article exhaustively.

For the audiophiles I also found a podcast on Supply Chain Management from the Cranfield University. Cranfield is a postgrad-only University with one of the best teacher / student ratios in the UK. Beside the podcast there seem to be some interesting conferences organized at Cranfield.


Tang, C. (2006). Perspectives in supply chain risk management☆ International Journal of Production Economics, 103 (2), 451-488 DOI: 10.1016/j.ijpe.2005.12.006

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