Flooding and iPhone - This Week in Supply Chain Management (36+37 / 2012)

Let’s see if this new-biweekly publication pattern pays off. I think at lease the last two weeks produced some very interesting articles.

Apple's Risk Management - This Week in Supply Chain Management (29 / 2012)

This week there is one article and one conference I would like point out.

Insurance Pro and Con - This Week in Supply Chain Management (25 / 2012)

My hard drive just crashed. Well, one of two I use to store all a my private media. The disks were arranged as RAID 0. And the 0 already indicates that there is zero redundancy. So the data is gone.

Supply Chain Apps for iPhone and iPad

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Some say that tablet computers are a great fit, not only for games and surfing the web, but for business applications as well.

But since the tablet computer is not much more than a big screen, software is key to a productive use of the pad.

To test this hypothesis I picked the iPad as an example for a tablet computer, because:

Apple Supply Chain - This Week in Supply Chain Management (7 / 2012)

I hope you had a good week. My simulation model gets its final touches, so that all my scenarios run smoothly and (hopefully) produce some interesting results.
Last week I started with some basic supply chain scenarios like serial, convergent and divergent — and I liked the results. The next step will be to include some more demanding structures. First will be a consumer goods supply chain as highlighted here in the blog.

iPad for the Researcher

I just read an nice article evaluating the pros and cons (mostly pros) for using an Apple iPad as a tool for researchers.

See yourself: iPad Review: 60 days and 6 reasons why you need it

Next Generation iPhone leaked

Just a short note: Outsourcing always means giving away information which prior only belonged to one company. It therefore carries increased risk of theft, be it physical or intellectual.

In the last days several videos showed up on youtube showing what might be the next generation Apple iPhone.
Usually these videos are published from bloggers or the press, sometimes money for the device/video is paid.

Supply Chain Compliance for Risk Mitigation

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Supplier Responsibility 2010 Progress Report
Supply Chain Compliance

Apple Inc. recently published their Supplier Responsibility Report (PDF) for 2009.

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