Fragile Food Supply Chains: Reacting to Risks

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Fragile food supply chains: reacting to risks

The foods supply chain satisfies one of the most basic Maslowian needs.
Interruptions can quickly become major crisis. Assessment and reactions to risks therefore seems to be a vital point.

This article presents a framework by Dani and Deep on how specific food supply chain risks can be analyzed and how reactions can be tailored.

Managing Global Sourcing Risk

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Identifying risk issues and research advancements in supply chain risk management

Probably most companies source at least some parts for their products from global sources. This could be the steel from Australia, electronics from Taiwan or cloth from India. The reasons for international sourcing usually include cost and quality, which might be superior compared to local sources.

On the other hand longer shipment ways and less direct access and control may also increase the risks of quality failures, delays or even disruptions.

Year of Renewal - This Week in Supply Chain Management (1 / 2012)

Welcome to the “Year of Renewal”.
The first week in 2012 is nearly over and I restarted writing on my chapter on supply chain risk management from a practitioner’s perspective. Hopefully finishing by the end of the month.

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