Year of Renewal - This Week in Supply Chain Management (1 / 2012)

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Welcome to the “Year of Renewal”.
The first week in 2012 is nearly over and I restarted writing on my chapter on supply chain risk management from a practitioner’s perspective. Hopefully finishing by the end of the month.

Year of Renewal

2012 is my year of renewal and I just started with a new website design. I do not think it needs a lot of explanation, so I just used Skitch to create a graphical howto.

There are still some things not as I’d like them to be. This morning I had to make some fixes for those who still use the Internet Explorer with versions below 8. It is still not perfect, but I will continue to work on some aspects anyway.


There weren’t many news during the last days, but I found two articles with some new thoughts on 2011’s hot topics.

  • The Bangkok Post summarizes the local issues during the flooding. The Thai Industry Association summarizes the situation as follows: “The private sector has no clue how to react when a devastating natural disaster occurs”. Thereby, highlighting the massive failure to account for the regional risk structure by many global companies. (Bangkok Post)
  • Boing is finally conducting a more in depth analysis of their supply chain to find sources for the long delays of its new 787 Dreamliner. (Strategic Sourceror)

Bloggers never sleep. And I would like to highlight the following articles:

  • Jan Husdal concluded 2011 with some nice statistics. The last article from 2011 was about the “Estimation of disruption risk exposure”, with “the most complete estimation of disruption risks” available. (Jan Husdal)
  • @risk also published two interesting articles during the two weeks. First, on a study that Japanese companies are shifting their sourcing focus to other countries, due to high local risks. Second, the US Department of Energy (DOE) released his second “Critical Materials Strategy” report, forecasting a decreasing long term risk in supply disruptions. (Japan Critical Materials)
  • There are many projections out there for 2012 I found the “red herrings” at the Risk Management Monitor very entertaining. Also click the linked list with the full listing as well. (RMM)
Learning and research
  • SCM Operations reviews an online supply chain management which is offered by the University of San Francisco. (SCM Operations)
  • Already published in 2009 but still interesting: The Big Picture published an (video) interview with Robert Shiller (Yale Professor) on evaluating risk. (The Big Picture)

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