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Battery Risks - This Week in Supply Chain Management (13 / 2012)

This week I finally finished the first complete version of my dissertation. All graphs and tables now are now built using the same template and I finally decided on the final typeface: For the main texts it’s Gyre Bonum which is built on the Bookman typeface) and for the headlines I choose Bera Serif a nice slab serif font.

Supply Chain Apps for iPhone and iPad

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Some say that tablet computers are a great fit, not only for games and surfing the web, but for business applications as well.

But since the tablet computer is not much more than a big screen, software is key to a productive use of the pad.

To test this hypothesis I picked the iPad as an example for a tablet computer, because:

Models for Production Planning under Uncertainty

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Models for production planning under uncertainty: A review

Today will be a one-article-long-excursion in the world of production planning models.
Supply chain management of course should take a high level view of the supply and demand networks, nonetheless there is probably no supply chain which will work without physical products and most even have one or more at their core.

Quantify SC risks - This Week in Supply Chain Management (11 / 2012)

Week 11, one fifth of 2012 is already gone and there is even less time until the end of the world, I just hope this will not effect supply chains for the holidays too much…
I did find some interesting articles, so have a look and let me know what you think on Twitter.

Conceptual and Analytical Framework for SCRM

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A conceptual and analytical framework for the management of risk in supply chains

A supply chain risk management framework should help to define the cornerstones of risk related supply chain problems and give hints on how to take actions to mitigate impending disruptions.

Today’s full paper has been published in 2004 and in it the authors (Gaonkar and Viswanadham) deal with this problem.

Core definitions

At the core of their framework the authors define the risk/supply chain related terms.

First, risks can be seen from an organizational-, supply chain- or industry-level.