Currency Risks - This Week in Supply Chain Management (26+27 / 2012)

I used the last two weeks to do a short bike trip, visiting my in-laws. From northern Germany (Bremen) to the middle (Fulda): 455km in three and a half days. My route contained virtually no ascents (beside the last 10km), but the distance was still quite demanding.
So last weekend was mostly about recovery and I have the pleasure to read through all the articles from the last two weeks. The best of which are listed below.

Insurance Pro and Con - This Week in Supply Chain Management (25 / 2012)

My hard drive just crashed. Well, one of two I use to store all a my private media. The disks were arranged as RAID 0. And the 0 already indicates that there is zero redundancy. So the data is gone.

Real Options and Child Labor - This Week in Supply Chain Management (24 / 2012)

This was a slow first week, after my vacation. I am still waiting for some feedback on my dissertation. Regarding my job-hunt: I sent applications to several interesting companies and now I am looking forward to their feedback.

The following articles I found worth reading this week.

Norway - This Week in Supply Chain Management (22+23 / 2012)

We are back from Norway. I had a great time there. The first week stayed at a small cabin at the Vindafjord (first picture) later we visited Jotunheimen National Park (second picture), Oslo and Bergen.
Overall I was really surprised by the magnificent fjords, mountains and nice people.

Airbus vs. Boing - This Week in Supply Chain Management (21 / 2012)

I successfully finished planing for our trip to Norway. I am really looking forward to some days off.
Now the final plans also include a hike to the Preikestolen, a wonderful rock formation at the Lysefjord.

Several articles accumulated this week in my mailbox, here we go:

Information Overflow - This Week in Supply Chain Management (20 / 2012)

This week was filled with preparations for our summer vacation. This year we are going to Norway. We will start start in Bergen on the west coast and for the first week stay in a small vacation home nearby Sand directly at the Fjord. Later on we will drive to Oslo (east coast) passing Hardangervidda National Park. On our way back we will use a more northern route, but that’s still in planning.

This week I found three really nice articles for you to read. Have a look!

Research - This Week in Supply Chain Management (19 / 2012)

This week ended for me with a discussion of the possible congruence of research and practice and if one could really believe that “models” are even applicable to any real-life situation.

New Ways - This Week in Supply Chain Management (18 / 2012)

So, yet another week gone by. Taking advantage of labor day on Tuesday my wife and did a bicycle tour to Copenhagen and had a great time on the trip and in the city. Have a look at the pictures if you like to see some shots of the city.

Cloud Logistics - This Week in Supply Chain Management (17 / 2012)

Just to let you know, I changed the licensing for the articles of this blog:
The new license simplifies the usage of parts of my work: Now my contributions can be used as long as:

  • You refer to me as the original author.
  • You do not use the work for commercial purposes.
  • You use the same or a similar license to redistribute the content which builds on my work.

All the details can be found here.

Risk Software and Segmentation - This Week in Supply Chain Management (16 / 2012)

This item is already from 2009, but still very funny: Eric Cartman from South Park singing Poker Face (originally by Lady GaGa). And this is my way to end week 16 of 2012.
For me, this week was about consolidation of my certificates and credentials to prepare my curriculum vitae and other documents for my upcoming application phase.


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