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Information Overflow - This Week in Supply Chain Management (20 / 2012)

This week was filled with preparations for our summer vacation. This year we are going to Norway. We will start start in Bergen on the west coast and for the first week stay in a small vacation home nearby Sand directly at the Fjord. Later on we will drive to Oslo (east coast) passing Hardangervidda National Park. On our way back we will use a more northern route, but that’s still in planning.

This week I found three really nice articles for you to read. Have a look!

Management of Vulnerabilities in the UK Aerospace Industry

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Improving the Management of Supply Chain Vulnerability in UK Aerospace Manufacturing

Just recently I took a closer look at some aspects of supply chain risk management in the automotive supply chain. Within limits insights gained from this industry could also be transferred to other examples.

Today I review an early work focussing on another manufacturing industry: the UK aerospace manufacturers.

Research - This Week in Supply Chain Management (19 / 2012)

This week ended for me with a discussion of the possible congruence of research and practice and if one could really believe that “models” are even applicable to any real-life situation.

The Postponement Strategy from a Supply Chain Perspective

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Postponement strategy from a supply chain perspective: cases from China

If you think about it. Postponement is one of the more involving strategies available in supply chain management. At least from a design perspective, postponement requires changes to the value-generation process, which may comprise several echelons within the supply chain.

The paper I review today analyzed the implementation of postponement strategies in China and suggests factors to help with the decision which kind of postponement to select.

New Ways - This Week in Supply Chain Management (18 / 2012)

So, yet another week gone by. Taking advantage of labor day on Tuesday my wife and did a bicycle tour to Copenhagen and had a great time on the trip and in the city. Have a look at the pictures if you like to see some shots of the city.